Signage lookbook

A few recent highlights of my signage design work.

Soletanche Bachy

Soletanche Bachy is a global company that specializes in geotechnics and foundation engineering. In 2021 I led the design of a comprehensive set of safety signs for their facility. The project also included other signs for traffic and information, which are outside the scope of ANSI safety sign standards. I developed a standard template and many subtemplates to deliver a standardized format across the facility.

Facility signs for Soletanche Bachy
ANSI/ISO standards-based safety signage, Soletanche Bachy, 2021

North Van Lash & Academy

North Van Lash & Academy is a small beauty school that trains lash technicians. What began as a simple sandwich board sign, evolved into a facelift for their brand as I made some subtle improvements to their logo and developed a number of new graphic elements to support their visual identity.

Sidewalk sign for North Van Lash & Academy
Sidewalk sign, North Van Lash & Academy, 2021

Spade Coffee

Spade Coffee is a unique shop whose coffee rotates daily, supplied by a variety of different roasters. I designed a pair of sandwich boards and a menu board featuring my contribution to the Cooper Black craze of 2020. It’s a shame that its popularity is beginning to wane, because this year in 2022, Cooper Black turns 100 years old!

Sidewalk signs and menu board for Spade Coffee
Sidewalk signs and menu board, Spade Coffee, 2020