FuseForward is a cloud computing company that works with organizations to securely migrate complex systems to the cloud. I’ve worked with their marketing department as a freelance designer on many different projects and campaigns, ranging from brochures and booklets to event booths to sell sheets, e-books, banner ads and logo designs. On most projects I also assist with marketing strategy, copy editing, and project naming.

Smart Cities workshops

Cities around the globe are implementing smart technology to manage services more efficiently. A recent FuseForward marketing campaign offered workshops to help stakeholders in city governments build a business case for a pilot project related to smart technology and cloud systems.

Together with their marketing team, I designed a number of collateral pieces including a brochure for potential attendees.

Discover Your Smart City booklet
2021, Discover Your Smart City (digital booklet)

Cloud Adoption brochure

FuseForward’s managed approach to cloud migration is faster, easier and more secure. This brochure gives a high-level comparison of FuseForward’s managed approach to cloud migration versus an in-house on-premises project or outsourcing directly to cloud providers.

Complexity Made Simple brochure
2020, Complexity Made Simple (brochure)

Remote Control webinar series

One of FuseForward’s most successful ongoing marketing projects is Remote Control: a webinar series on cloud technology for critical service providers. Working with the FuseForward marketing team, I named the webinar series and designed a logo as well as established graphic templates for the team to reuse for each episode.

Remote Control logo
2020, Remote Control webinar series (name and logo design)

Cloud Computing e-book

After FuseForward completed a major rebrand in 2019, one of the first projects I worked on was an e-book that was used as a lead generation tool. The scope of the rebrand was limited, so it was up to me to expand their visual identity system, and this booklet proved influential for FuseForward’s visual style going forward.

5 Easy Ways to Get Started with Cloud Computing booklet
2019, 5 Easy Ways to Get Started with Cloud Computing (booklet, print/e-book)