Abbotsford International Airport

A major rebrand of Metro Vancouver’s second-largest airport.

This was an end of studies major project at Emily Carr University of Art + Design.


Abbotsford International Airport (YXX) is the second-largest airport in the Lower Mainland of BC. Although it’s known as a smaller regional airport, they host Canada’s largest airshow as well as a cluster of Canada’s top aerospace companies. They have big ambitions for the future, and a lot of new opportunities.

YXX is expected to become more of a major hub in the coming years, as many new discount airlines are launching in Canada. In 2017, these new airlines resulted in a 28% year-over-year increase in passengers for YXX, so the airport needs to make a strong statement that they are ready for the change that’s already beginning, and to take on a more important role in Canadian and international aviation.

A new visual identity will not only present a more professional and trustworthy face to the airport’s target audiences, but it will show the people of Abbotsford that the airport is investing in the city’s future.

Business cards

Booklet brochure

Responsive website


The new identity modernizes and simplifies the brand, reflecting the airport’s ambitious plans for future growth.

The refreshing pink and yellow colours are inspired by Abbotsford’s famous tulip fields, while the two chevrons flying in formation represent the air shows that the airport is famous for, as well as its military history. The forward direction points to the airport’s forward-thinking approach to planning for the future.

The typeface is a standard sans-serif, like almost all airport signage. A wider style was chosen to match the direction and motion of the logo mark, and it’s set in a bold blue that balances the bright colours of the mark. Lastly, the asymmetrical layout of the logo is dynamic and refreshing.

Expected Results

The long-term goal of the visual identity will be a positive change in the way passengers and employees perceive the airport. This can be measured through surveys and studies at various intervals after the launch of the new identity.

Defining a new visual brand will make marketing efforts stronger and more consistent, and adaptability will make it easier to use and implement the visual brand. A bold new logo and visual identity will be more attention-grabbing, which will also lead to more effective marketing campaigns.

A new visual brand will also be more direct and focused in communicating who the airport is and what to expect from them in the future.