Trial Font License

This license agreement applies to all trial fonts downloaded via and on or after 2023/01/24. For earlier downloads, see Trial License Agreement.

License Agreement

By downloading or using a trial font (“Font Software”) from Justin Penner (the “Vendor”), you are agreeing to the following terms.

Justin Penner (the “Vendor”) owns all copyrights and other rights in relation to both the glyph designs (“Font Design”) and software code (“Font Software”) of the font. You do not own the Font Design or the Font Software, and you are only licensed to use them in ways explicitly outlined in this agreement.

Allowed Trial Usage

You may install and use the trial Font Software to evaluate its suitability for a project.

Under no circumstances may any materials that were created using the Font Software be published, nor final deliverables that were created using the Font Software be given to clients, until all required licenses have been purchased.

Post-Trial Licensing

When your project which makes use of the Font Software is approved by the relevant stakeholders, your organization must immediately purchase a license to cover your usage of the Font Software, including how the font was used during the trial period. If your project is for a client, they may need to purchase a license, if they will also be using the Font Software or distributing any media that contains embedded parts of the Font Software.

No Sharing

You may only share or distribute the Font Software within your organization. You may not post or upload it to any publicly accessible server or website.

Disclaimer & Warranty

The Vendor offers no warranties for the Software and accepts no liability for any issues, harm or damage that may result from the use of it, except when required by law. In any case where the Vendor offers a warranty or accepts liability, the maximum damages will be equal to the original purchase price paid by the Licensee.


If anything isn’t clear, or you’re looking to use the font for something that doesn’t quite fit into this license agreement, I’d be happy to help with any questions you have.