Desktop Font License Agreement

Thank you for licensing type from Justin Penner, and for supporting independent type designers.

By purchasing, downloading, or using this font, you are giving your legally-binding consent to the following license agreement.

License version 1.0, applies to all fonts purchased via and before 2023/01/23. For later purchases, see All-In-One License Agreement 2.0.


First, we have to define some terms, to ensure we’re all on the same page.

The Vendor reserves all rights to use, copy and distribute this Font Software and Font Design, except where permissions are explicitly granted to the Licensee in this contract.

These rights are asserted by the Vendor on moral grounds, and are legally protected around the world by international and regional intellectual property laws.

License is Not Ownership

Purchasing this software license does not equate to ownership in any regard. The Licensee holds a license to use the Font Software and Font Design, but does not in any sense “own” it.


Licenses are non-transferable. You may not sell, transfer or give your license to any other person or organization. However, you may re-assign Users within your organization in accordance with the Assigning Users section below.

Assigning Users

You may assign and re-assign licensed Users within your organization, as long as the total number of Users in a given calendar month does not exceed the total number of Users alotted in your license.

User Installations

The Licensee and assigned Users may install the Font Software on any devices for the sole use of the assigned Users.

Work from Home & Personal Devices

Users may install the Font Software on their own personal devices, but it may only be used in the course of their work for the Licensee.

Printing & Physical Goods

You may use the Font Software to design and produce printed publications or physical goods (except Alphabet Products—see below), so long as the Font Software is not included in the end product in any way.

Embedding in Documents

Embedding subsets of the Font Software in a digital document (i.e. a PDF file) is allowed, as long as the document itself is not a product for sale (like an e-Book).

Usage in Digital Images

You may use the Font Software to create any digital images such as logos, artwork and graphics, but the images you distribute must not contain any parts of the Font Software. In practice, this means live text must be converted to outlines or rasterized by your design software.

No Embedding in Websites

Embedding the Font Software in a website is not allowed by this license. You must purchase a Web License and agree to the Web Font License Agreement.

No Embedding in e-Books

Embedding the Font Software in an e-Books, e-Magazines and other e-Publications is not allowed by this license. You must purchase an e-Book License and agree to the e-Book Font License Agreement.

No Embedding in Apps

Embedding the Font Software in an software applications is not allowed by this license. You must purchase an App License and agree to the App Font License Agreement.

No Alphabet or Type Setting Products

You may not produce any physical or digital products or applications that consist of one or more individual glyphs, including applications that allow the letters and glyphs to be set in sequences. This includes, but is not limited to: house numbers, stamp sets, rub-on letters, alphabet toys, adhesive alphabet letters, alphabet punch and die sets, and any electronic applications that allow the setting of type.

No Sharing

You may not share or distribute the Font Software with anyone except licensed Users within your household or organization. You may not post or upload it to any publicly accessible server or website. Your vendors and contractors must purchase their own license, with the exception of Service Bureaus when required.

Service Bureaus & Print Vendors

If your service bureau or print vendor requires packaged source files including the font Software, you may only provide it to them if they agree not to use it for any other projects, and to destroy all copies of the Software when they are finished with your project.

Modifications & Derivatives

You may modify the Font Software for your own licensed use. You may only distribute the modified Font Software to other licensed Users within your organization, and use it with the same limitations that apply to the non-modified Font Software. If free technical support is offered to Licensees, it will not be offered to Licensees who have modified the Font Software.

Modified Font Software must preserve the name, author and copyright information, stored in the metadata inside the font file, and the font name must also be preserved in the filename.

If any glyphs are modified or added, the word “Modified” must be added to the filename.

You may also contact the Vendor if you would like to commission changes or add additional characters to the Font Software.

Backup Copies

You are entitled to make backup copies of the Font Software, for use solely within your household or organization.


You are not obligated to credit the author of the font (Justin Penner), but I would love it if you did.

You are also not obligated to send me any work you create using the font, but I would be thrilled to see it!


Vendor reserves the right to terminate the license if any terms are broken.

Disclaimer & Warranty

The Vendor offers no warranties for the Software and accepts no liability for any issues, harm or damage that may result from the use of it, except when required by law. In any case where the Vendor offers a warranty or accepts liability, the maximum damages will be equal to the original purchase price paid by the Licensee.