Justin Penner

An exclusive typeface for CanceledCon


In April 2020, in the wake of the COVID–19 crisis and the cancellation of Creative South, Andrew Hochradel brought the isolated design community together with CanceledCon, a massive virtual design conference planned in a matter of weeks.

Cancel Claren is a typeface-in-progress that I decided to share with the attendees of CanceledCon. I heard about the conference only days before, and when they made an open call for items to be included in their digital swag bag for attendees, I jumped on the opportunity.

Extreme pressure yields…

I had only a few precious hours to put into this, so I threw caution to the wind and just sprinted with the first ideas that came to mind and didn’t worry too much about putting any kind of thought into it. I know this goes against everything design schools and the design world’s “thought leaders” love to preach, but the fact is, if you have skill and experience, you can get pretty good results in a project by running on instinct alone — but it’s also risky.

…questionable results?