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Armoire is a contrast sans-serif typeface that blends the elegant rationalism of Art Deco with the ornamental craftsmanship of Art Nouveau.

Designed for both display and text usage, Armoire features a subtle range of weights with accompanying italics, and a special set of case-sensitive uppercase letters.

1920s posters re-done with Armoire

Armoire waterfall samples

Armoire text samples

Art Deco/Art Nouveau

Armoire’s lightest weights are constructed in a geometrically-influenced Art Deco style, but as weight is added, the angle of stress begins to rotate, lending a calligraphic flair to the bold weights.

Armoire weight/stress transition

The Armoire family

Armoire’s Book and Regular weights allow typographers to choose a slightly lighter or darker weight with a subtle 13% difference, each with an accompanying bold and italic.

Armoire’s italics are true italics (not simply a slanted roman) with slightly narrower and lighter letterforms that add a touch of classic elegance.

Armoire styles

OpenType features

A classic Art Deco lettering style typically features extreme high and low crossbars in letters like A, F, H and E, but they have been lowered in Armoire’s default capitals, to match the height of the lowercase. Activating the case feature will raise the high crossbars in E, F, H, K, and will elevate punctuation to cap height.

  • case Uppercase-sensitive punctuation and raised crossbars on EFGHK
  • ss01 Raised crossbars on EFGHK
  • onum Old-style numerals
  • lnum Lining numerals

Armoire OpenType case-sensitive forms

Character set & language support

  • Latin alphabet (A–Z, a–z) plus accented characters
  • Lining and old-style numerals
  • Punctuation, symbols, arrows

Supports English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Afrikaans, Breton, Catalan, Cornish, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Irish, Norwegian, Swedish and many more.

Armoire character set


Armoire is available now! Get the whole family for only $40 with a desktop/print, web, ebook or app license, or get the new combo license that includes all four licenses for $65.

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