Multi-faceted geometry.

This personal branding project was part of my coursework at Emily Carr University of Art + Design.


Design and produce a 3-dimensional cube that represents myself as a designer.


The parameters for this project were quite loose, so I first thought about what I wanted to communicate. If I were to hand this cube to someone and tell them it represents me as a designer, what would the cube tell them?

I could literally write, in paragraph form, on the cube — that would be very direct, but it would probably read like a bio or a cover letter. A key part of design would be missing: it would be boring, and there would be no payoff for the reader.

My design ethos has always been simple, functional and rational. Geometry is simple, functional and rational, so that became my first self-imposed design parameter.

Next was the colour palette. My colour palettes tend to be simple, functional and rational as well, so I chose black, white and a third colour that has a specific connection to me — red. I was born with red hair, and because it made me different it feels like a core part of my identity, so I’ve always used red in my personal design work.

So, I began sketching, and here’s what I came up with!

Making the cube
6 sides